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You have now explored every last corner of our site, studied all the texts and admired all the pictures - but you still haven't had enough?


Now there is no way around it - contact us for a non-binding initial consultation.

No matter what stage you are at, whether you are just dreaming of owning your own home, are still looking for the right property or are already in the starting blocks - let's walk the last part of the journey together!

Briefly to explain. Our founder Julian now has a Kosovo telephone number, but you can still call him for free via WhatsApp - you will understand him equally well (or poorly) with his Tyrolean dialect. We continue to produce regionally here in Kosovo according to common Austrian/German guidelines and standards and our own increased standards and with EU-certified materials. So that you can enjoy the same security, guarantees and warranties as with a German manufacturer, sales are carried out through our company in Austria, with whom we are liable for correct execution. We are proud of the excellent price/performance ratio that we can offer in this context. 


Did you know that the inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, suggested using the word "ahoy" as a greeting? Unfortunately, it didn't prevail against Thomas Edison's "hello".

Give it a try anyway, dare, now you have the perfect opportunity!

PS: Please only call via WhatsApp (I'm mostly traveling abroad)


+43 664 3179626


Email cup

The first known enamel (email) work is 3,500 years old and was found as a grave item in Mycenaean graves in Cyprus. The ancient Egyptians were also familiar with enamel work, both on gold and on iron. The Celts reached another high point in enamel technology in 500 BC. BC with blood enamel.

Then in 1971 THE email was invented. Ray Tomlinson is considered the inventor of this world-changing communication method. At the time, this was dismissed as a “gimmick” because no one recognized the current benefits. By the way, he couldn't think of anything better to say about the content of the first email than a random key combination like "QWRTFDFG". We're sure you're more articulate!


Oh, I can see that modern contact methods are not for you.

Then write us a letter. But we have to disappoint you a little bit, unfortunately we don't know anything about the inventor of the letter. What we still expect - a handwritten copy, the only exception - you own a typewriter!


Remzi Hoxha 7,

71000 Kacanik

Adamgasse 23,

6020 Innsbruck

Not read enough? We think you’re one of the explorers is great!

As soon as we have found a working Morse code device in an antique shop and learned the technology, you will also be able to use Morse code.

Until then- Ahoy, Grüß Gott and QWRTFDFG!


This is the best way to come to us:

Julian's Tiny Homes

powered by Kolektiv Austria L.L.C.

Remzi Hoxha 7, 71000 Kacanik


Partner company in Austria:

Libra Innovation GmbH

Adamgasse 23, 6020 Innsbruck


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