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das team von julians tinyhomes

Julian Fischer - property developer

Julian Fischer - property developer

As the head of the gang, Julian of course has his fingers in everything. In addition to the correct process and quality assurance, he also prefers to take care of customers directly. He is there for you from the initial consultation to the handover of the keys. 

Niki Burrniku - Project Manager

Kreshnik, or “Niki” as he is called by friends, is an important part of our company as a founding member from the very beginning. With his experience in timber construction, he monitors the structural activities and takes care of our suppliers.

Niki Burrniku - Project Manager
Tobias Wopfner - Planning/Design

Tobias Wopfner - design

Tobias sees himself as a designer of things and places. He is of little interest in profit-oriented maximum projects without charm, but he plans our small projects with a strong character, individual homes and, if necessary, the right interior. 

Stefan Seiger -  Real estate developer

Stefan has been successfully working as a real estate investor in Austria for many years. Inspired by Julian, he is now focusing more on Kosovo. He is now using his expertise and experience to be at the forefront of bringing a young company to the top.

Stefan Seiger - Real estate developer
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